Getting Started with Skyler360

Welcome to Skyler360!

The first thing to do is set up Skyler360 to Engaging & Screening your real estate Leads.

We have created a road map to help you learn how to setup and navigate Skyler360.

Follow the STEPS below in the order listed to setup your Skyler360.

STEP 1: Complete the Skyler360 Personalizations to make your conversations friendly and personable. How to Add Personalizations to your Skyler360

STEP 2: We recommend you first call your Skyler360 number to see how Skyler360 will engage and screen your Leads – Understanding How Skyler360 Engages & Screens Your Leads‎

STEP 3:  For Skyler360 Users who receive New Lead notification emails from their CRM (such as kvCORE, etc), Users must Forward their New Lead & Viewed Property emails to Skyler360 so the Leads can be electronically added to the User’s Skyler360 Lead List and Skyler360 AI conversational texting can begin – Create Email Forwarding to Skyler360 from Gmail Account

STEP 4:  The User must now create a Gmail Filter for their New Lead and View Property email notifications so they can be electronically forwarded to Skyler360 – Create Filter for kvCORE Emails

STEP 5:  For Skyler360 Users who use kvCORE as their CRM, there are certain settings in kvCORE that must be modified

STEP 5:  To maintain continuous access to Skyler360 when you are out and about & on the go, you will want to download the Skyler360 mobile App – Using the Mobile App (iPhone & Android)

STEP 6:  While in your office, you will want to access Skyler360 on your PC/Mac  – Using the Skyler360 Desktop 

STEP 7:  Agents can use Gmail to send out emails from Skyler360 and also integrate with the Gmail scheduling system – Skyler360 Email Integration with Gmail

STEP 8:  The Skyler360 Facebook API is used for Facebook Ads using AD MANAGER and LEAD FORMS –  How to Create the Skyler360 Facebook API Integration

STEP 9:  Skyler360 can natively communicate with your Facebook Leads using the Facebook Bot on your Facebook Real Estate Business Page – How to Create the Skyler360 – Facebook Bot Integration