How to Generate Free Craigslist Buyer Leads using kvCORE

To experience the the Full Capabilities & Power of Skyler360, you must generate lots of Leads for Skyler360 to Engage & Screen for you.

If you are an eXp Agent, you receive kvCore as your Lead Generation tool.  kvCORE  is a powerful Lead Generation system, but you must learn how to use it, AND you must use it DAILY to generate Leads for Skyler360.

This Knowlegebase will show you how to use kvCORE to post real estate ads on Craigslist.  There is another Knowledgebase post showing how to use kvCORE Squeeze Pages to generate Leads to Skyler360 from your Facebook Business Page, Personal Page and local neighborhood community & buy/sell/trade Group Pages.

STEP 1:  Open your kvCORE

STEP 2:  Click on Listings

STEP 3:  Click on the Green Filter Applied button

STEP 4:  A new window will open.  Select the Agency Listings button if it is not the default setting when the new window opens

STEP 5:  Click the Apply Filter unless the Agency Listings button is already the default setting

STEP 6:  Select an eXp Realty property to post & advertise on Craigslist

SPECIAL NOTE:  Be sure you check with your eXp Broker regarding whether you must ask the eXp Listing Agent before posting & advertising their Listing.  In some markets, eXp agents have a mutual understanding and agreement that enable any eXp agent in their market to advertise their Listings without requesting permission.  This is NOT the practice in ALL markets.  It depends on the local eXp Agent group.  Check with your local eXp Agents or ask your State Broker or Regional Assistant State Broker what the acceptable practice is in your market. 

Also recommend reaching out to one or more Listing Agents from other Brokerages in your market who have a large number of property listings.  Ask if you can post and advertise their Listings on Craigslist and Facebook to help them sell their Listings.

STEP 7:  Click on the blue property address URL

STEP 8:  Click on the 3 horizontal dots to the right of SEND VIA EMAIL

STEP 9:  A new window will open with a Menu List, and at the bottom of the Menu List is Post to Craigslist

STEP 10:  Click on Post to Craigslist

STEP 11:  After clicking Post to Creaigslist, do not touch kvCORE until an Unpunlished Draft is displayed on your screen similar to the one below

SPECIAL NOTE:  Unfortunately the Craigslist posts created by kvCORE  are not compliant with the Texas Real Estate Commission.  As a result, there are edits we must make to the kvCore Craigslist post to make it compliant, and there are additional recommendations outlined below for making your Craigslist post more clickable to Craigslist users. 

STEP 12:  Click edit post

STEP 13:  A new screen will display similar to this

STEP 14:  Recommendations for improving your kvCore Craigslist post

  • Clear/Delete the original Posting Title and add attractive features of the home that would lead you to click on the post, such as Under $XXXK, Name of Neighborhood/Subdivision, Gated, Cul-de-Sac, Greenbelt, Oversized Lot, Pool, Neighborhood Pool, Master Down, Split-Master, Chef’s Kitchen, Island Kitchen, Breakfast Bar, Media/Game Room, Covered Patio, etc.  There are a limited number characters allowed in the Posting Titles -recommend prioritizing features starting with most important in your market
  • Copy the New Posting Title and paste in the first line of the Body of the post so Google spiders can find the keywords from your post.  You can add additional features of the home that you were unable to fit in the Posting Title.
  • Add a Call to Action below the features added to the Body such as “CALL your PHONE NUMBER TODAY to schedule your private showing of this AMAZING home on STREET NAME. “
  • Review the Agent remarks and break up the paragraph so that it is not one long paragraph of agent remarks.  DO NOT CHANGE the agent remarks except for typos or real estate abbreviations that the public may not clearly understand.  The only agent remarks I recommend deleting are if an Open House is listed or comments related about a video tour since Craigslist does not allow hotlinks outside Craigslist.
  • Add another Call to Action below the agent remarks such as ” CALL your PHONE NUMBER TODAY to schedule your private showing of this BEAUTIFUL home on ALTON BLVD. Don’t delay – This home is a MUST SEE!!!”
  • Be sure to change the Adjective describing the home in your two Calls to Action.  You should use TWO different adjectives that best describe the home.
  • Delete the lines of text at the end of the post that contain <br /> and your Smart Number. 
  • DO NOT EVER use your kvCORE Smart Number in your Craigslist posts.  Use your Skyler360 phone number of all your social media advertising, brand marketing and listing signs.
  • To close your craigslist post, use the following:
    • Listing courtesy of eXp Realty (or other Brokerage if you have received approval to post and advertise another brokerage agent’s listings.
    • Marketed by YOUR NAME, Realtor® [“Circle R” does not always show in your final Craigslist post.  Will likely show as a Black Diamond ?]
    • eXp Realty
    • License Number (Optional)
    • Equal Housing Opportunity (Mandatory)
    • Texas agents must include a browser link to their Information About Brokerage Services (IABS) – cannot be a hotlink to a website outside of Craigslist – see example below

STEP 15:  See example Craigslist ad post below

STEP 16:  Additional Optional Recommendations for your Craigslist ad post:

  1. Clear/delete the price.  You want Leads to call your Skyler360 number so Skyler360 can Engage and Screen your Leads.  Your ad Posting Title includes “Under $XXXK”.
  2. Confirm the telephone number listed in the Craiglist ad post is your Skyler360 number.  If not, enter your Skyler360 number and change all your telephone numbers in your kvCORE Personal Profile to your Skyler360 phone number.
  3. Click No Replies to this email.  You want all your Lead inquiries to go to Skyler360, not to your email address.
  4. Recommend clearing/deleting the NUMERIC NUMBERS of the property street address.  You want Leads to call your Skyler360 number instead of driving by the property address and calling the Listing agent.
  5. Click Continue

STEP 17:  Click Continue on the next map screen display of the property location

STEP 18:  This is the last time you can preview your ad post as the public will see it.  If you like what you see, click Publish  

STEP 19:  If not, click Edit Post, revise your ad, click Continue, Click Continue again on the Map View, review your revised ad one more time, and if you like what you see, Click Publish

STEP 20:  Craigslist will send an email to your eXp Realty Gmail address listed in your Craigslists ad post

STEP 21:  Open your eXp Realty Gmail account to find the email from Craigslist

Step 22:  Click on the blue URL link

STEP 23:  Click on the ACCEPT the terms of use button

STEP 24:  Click on Manage your post

STEP 25:  Copy the URL Link in your Chrome Browser.  Paste it in a document (Google Sheets, Excel Spreadsheet, etc) along with the Property Address, Zip Code, MLS number, and Date posted to Craigslist so that when you speak to a Lead who asks about your Craigslist ad post on [the property street name in your ad], you will be able to easily identify your Craigslist post.  

STEP 26:  In addition, the Craigslist URL Link for your ad post will enable you to modify your ad post or delete your ad post should you need to do so.

STEP 27:  You Craigslist ad post should appear on the first page of Real Estate for Sale on Craigslist within 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the Craigslist platform for your market

STEP 28:  To see you ad on Craigslist, open your local Craigslist website ( and click on Real Estate for Sale in the Housing section

STEP 29:  Enter your name in the “search real estate” cell as it appeared in your Craigslist ad post; then click the search icon

Step 30:  You should see your Craigslist ad post.  If not, wait 30 minutes and search again


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March 4, 2019 at 3:11 am

Got my first Craigslist ad done tonight with the help of this article. Thanks for the simple detailed step by step guide.