How to Generate Free Facebook Buyer Leads using kvCORE

To experience the the Full Capabilities & Power of Skyler360, you must generate lots of Leads for Skyler360 to Engage & Screen for you.

If you are an eXp Agent, you receive kvCore as your Lead Generation tool.  kvCORE  is a powerful Lead Generation system, but you must learn how to use it, AND you must use it DAILY to generate Leads for Skyler360.

This Knowlegebase will show you how to use kvCORE Squeeze Pages to generate Leads to Skyler360 from your Facebook Business Page, Personal Page and local neighborhood community & buy/sell/trade Group Pages. There is another Knowledgebase post showing how use kvCORE to post real estate ads on Craigslist.

STEP 1:  Open your kvCORE

STEP 2:  kvCORE provides the ability to post three different types of Squeeze Pages – Individual Property, Multi-property and Seller Squeeze Pages

STEP 3:  The first Squeeze Page to be posted is the Individual Property Squeeze Page

STEP 4:  Click on Listings to select the property to be advertised on Facebook

STEP 5:  Click on the Green Filter Applied button

STEP 6:  A new window will open.  Select the Agency Listings button if it is not the default setting when the new window opens

STEP 7:  Click the Apply Filter unless the Agency Listings button is already the default setting

STEP 8:  Select an eXp Realty property to post & advertise on Facebook

SPECIAL NOTE:  Be sure you check with your eXp Broker regarding whether you must ask the eXp Listing Agent before posting & advertising their Listing.  In some markets, eXp agents have a mutual understanding and agreement that enable any eXp agent in their market to advertise their Listings without requesting permission.  This is NOT the practice in ALL markets.  It depends on the local eXp Agent group.  Check with your local eXp Agents or ask your State Broker or Regional Assistant State Broker what the acceptable practice is in your market. 

Also recommend reaching out to one or more Listing Agents from other Brokerages in your market who have a large number of property listings.  Ask if you can post and advertise their Listings on Craigslist and Facebook to help them sell their Listings.

STEP 9:  Click on the blue property address URL

STEP 10:  Copy the MLS Number

STEP 11:  Click on Lead Engine

STEP 12:  Select your Domain from the Dropdown; then Click the Start Building button

STEP 13:  Click on Single PropertyTab

STEP 14:  Enter the following information:

  • Enter FB in the Source cell – for Facebook
  • Enter Full Property Address in Hastag(s) Cell – Example:  123Main – Type slowly – No # character before Hashtag required in kvCORE 
  • Hit Enter
  • Enter MLS number in Listing ID cell – Example:  123456789
  • Click Generate Link button
    • Two URL links will be generated
      • A longer Direct Link for use on your Google website
      • A Short Link for use on Twitter & Facebook
      • Both links go to your kvCORE website
  • Click the Copy to Clipboard icon for the Short Link

STEP 15:  Open your Facebook Business Page

STEP 16:  Paste the Short Link URL from your Clipboard to your Facebook Create Post “What’s on your mind?” section at the top of your Timeline

STEP 17:  After pasting the URL to your Facebook Business Page, a pic of the home may/may not appear.  Don’t worry if it does not appear.  It will appear when you Publish your post after adding additional marketing information about the home and your Call to Action

STEP 18:  Erase the URL you pasted since it is no longer needed

STEP 19:  Recommend posting on Craigslist first and then copy the Craigslist posting info to Facebook with one addition (see below)


  • Add the Neighborhood, Bed, Bath, Sq Ft and Zip Code Info not included in the Craigslist post so the Facebook viewer has an idea about the location and size of the home 
  • The Texas Real Estate Commission IABS link does not have to be included in the Facebook ad post since Agents can pin their IABS to the top of their Facebook Timeline 

STEP 20:  Before you Publish, make sure your post will be shared to the Public, not just to Facebook users who have Liked your Facebook Business Page

STEP 21:  Click Publish

STEP 22:  Click Love (Heart) or Like (Thumbs Up) your Facebook post

STEP 23: Click the Share button & Click Share…

STEP 24:  Click “Include Original Post” for ALL your Shares

STEP 25:  Recommend the following Shares:

  • Share on Your Timeline – Your Timeline likely has more Friends than the number of  Friends of your Business Page
  • Share in Groups to generate more eyeballs for your Ad Post – Neighborhood Community & Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Groups – You MUST be a member of the Facebook Group you want to post to – JOIN Neighborhood Community & Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Groups in your real estate geographical Farming Area
  • Share on ALL your Real Estate Pages that you Manage
  • Select the Public World is it does not show as a default setting
  • Click Post
  • Repeat the process in this STEP for EACH Group you Share the Facebook Ad Post

STEP 26:  There is another very powerful kvCORE Squeeze Page for generating Leads – Multi-property Squeeze Page

  • Click on Lead Engine in kvCORE
  • Click Click on IDX Squeeze Page (not shown – See STEP 12 above)
  • Select the Area for homes to feature in your ad
    • Zip code(s)
    • City(ies)
    • County(ies)
    • Neighborhood(s)
    • School district(s)
  • Click on Listing Type (you will see various options, but Single Family is the most common)
  • Minimum Price – Select Minimum price point for properties included in your ad
  • Maximum Price (optional) – Leave blank if no maximum is desired
  • Number of Beds (Recommend 3+, but other choices are available)
  • Number of Baths (Recommend 2+, but other choices are available)
  • Options – Choose an option all homes will meet in your ad – choices include Just Listed, Price Reduced, Pool, Water Front, Water View, Golf Course plus many more) – recommend selecting one Option and creating additional ad posts for other desired Options in your market
  • Source – FB for Facebook
  • Hashtag – Type Hashtag slowly; then hit Enter – Example – FBPHGJL78260 – Facebook – Pat Hays Group – Just Listed Option – 78260 Zip Code
  • Facebook Cover Photo – Dropdown Menu has several choices – Recommend the first choice
  • Click Generate Link button
  • Click Copy to Clipboard icon

STEP 27:  Paste the Short Link URL to your Facebook Business Page

STEP 28:  Erase the URL you pasted since it is no longer needed

STEP 29:  Create your Ad Copy  – See Example below

SPECIAL NOTE:  Since the homes featured in your ad post are not exclusively eXp Realty listings, you MUST include the following:  Listings Courtesy of Various Brokers/Agents

STEP 30:  Follow STEPS 20-25 above to Publish your Multi-Property Ad Post and Share