Claiming a Skyler360 Lead and Scheduling a Message

Claiming a Lead enables the Agent to communicate with the Lead by text using the Skyler360 platform based on a conversational text response from the Lead

An Agent must Claim a Lead to take the Lead OUT of the Skyler360 conversational text flow

STEP 1:  To Claim a Lead, Open the Lead and check the Claim button

After checking the Claim button, a new screen will display

STEP 2:  Enter the text message the Agent wants to send to the Lead in the Message window and click the Send button

The text message will be sent to the Lead by Skyler360, and the Lead can respond to the Agent’s text conversation.  The Agent’s text conversation with the Lead can continue until the conversation ends naturally

SCHEDULING: You can also schedule a message when claiming a lead. It allows you to reactivate your lead after a specific period. 

To do this, follow the steps above and click on the Schedule Date field. When a small Calendar appears, set the date and time to the message be sent and click Send Text.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If the Lead does not respond to Agent’s Claimed text conversation within 24 hours, the Lead Claimed by the Agent will be automatically returned to the Skyler360 conversational tree awaiting a response from the Lead


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