Create a Lead Connect

Lead Connect provides the ability for Skyler 360 to accept external Lead Sources.

Step1:  Go to Settings :: Lead Connect

Step 2:  Click the Green + Button to ADD a Lead Connect

Step 3:  Select the Lead Platform to connect to Skyler360

EXAMPLE:  Add kvCORE to Lead Connect

Step 4:  Select Connect Type from the Dropdown

Step 5:  Enter the Free Text Subject of the Lead Connect.  IMPORTANT:  The Subject must be the same as the subject of the email forwarded to Skyler360

Step 6:  Enter the Skyler360 Connect address for the Leads

Step 7:  Select the Program from the Dropdown

Step 8:  Select the Repeat Program from the Dropdown

Step 9:  Select Lead Label “kvCORE” – If you don’t have a descriptive Label for the Lead Connect, create a Label – Go to Settings :: General :: Tags

Step 10:  Click ADD Lead Connects to save your new Lead Connect

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