Using Search & Replace to Edit Text Tree Branches, Intents, Alternatives & Tags

Skyler360 provides an easy ability to Search, Edit & Replace words/phrases in Tree Branches, Intents, Alternatives & Tags

STEP 1:  Roll the cursor over Settings, Skyler & Click Text


STEP 2:   Click on the Search button in the upper left corner of the Text Tree page


STEP 3:  Enter the Search word/phrase to find in a Branch, Intent, Alternative, Label or Group cell

Step 4:  Click the Submit button

EXAMPLE:  Search Branch for the the word “buyer” OR Search Intent for the phrase “cash buyer” and Intent Group “buyer” 

STEP 5:  Skyler360 also provides the ability to Search & Replace words/phrases in Branches, Intents & Alternatives

STEP 6: Click the appropriate box where the word/phrase will be Searched & Replaced with the desired word/phrase

STEP 7:  Click the Replace button

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