How to Add a Note to a Skyler360 Lead

Skyler360 provides the ability to add a Note to the Lead View of a Lead in the Notes tab

When viewing the Lead List in Skyler360, click on the Lead ID to Open a Lead

STEP 1: Click on the Notes tab

STEP 2: Click on the Green + Icon to open the Add Notes screen

STEP 3: You can assign a Label to the Note.  Slowly type the Label Name and click on the Label Name to select the Label.  If you need to create a new Label, please review Creating a Tag

STEP 4: Enter your Notes in the Notes window

STEP 5: Click on the Share With window to select another Skyler360 User in your Skyler360 User Group to Share your Note

STEP 6: Click the Share All box to share your Note with All Skyler360 Users in your Skyler360 User Group

Step 7:  Click the Blue ADD Notes button to Save your Note to the Notes tab



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