How to Add Personalizations to your Skyler360

Skyler360 provides for Personalization of your AI conversations.  To set up your Personalizations, follow the STEPS outlined below:

STEP 1:  Click Settings

STEP 2: Click Personalizations & the screen for entering your Personalizations will display.

STEP 3:  Click on the words Click Here and Replace Text

STEP 4:  Enter the Agent First Name – [Example: Pat]

STEP 5:  Click the Blue Checkmark to Save your entry


STEP 6:  This screen shows the result of your Enter Agent First Name Personalization

SPECIAL NOTE:  You will not see all the Personalizations listed if your Skyler360 conversation does not include these data elements.

STEP 7:  Follow the same steps for all remaining Personalizations  Be sure to Click the Blue Checkmark after entering information for each Personalization to save your entry

STEP 8:  Enter Agent First and Last Name Personalization – [Example: Pat Hays]

STEP 9:  Enter Name of Agent Brokerage Personalization – [Example: eXp Realty]

STEP 10:  Enter Agent Skyler Telephone Number Personalization – [Example: 210-555-1212]

STEP 11:  Enter City Where Agent Sells Real Estate Personalizaton – [Example: San Antonio]

STEP 12:  Enter URL of Agent Website Including http:// Personalization – [Example:]

STEP 13:  Enter Loan Officer First Name Personalization – [Example: Ron]

STEP 14:  Enter Loan Officer First and Last Name Personalization – [Example: Sasson]

STEP 15:  Enter Loan Officer Mortgage Company Name Personalization – [Example: Skyler Capital]


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