How to Change Your Voicemail Message

There are several ways to record this message: You can do so on your mobile device or desktop. Save the file as an MP3 file. Here are some helpful links:


On PC:

To convert your file to MP3 file, go to:

STEP 1:  Follow the menu path: Settings :: Phone :: Lines

STEP 2:  By pressing the gear shaped Actions icon and opening the Actions menu, select Manage Lines

STEP 3:  Navigate to the Routing tab.  A popup will appear which will allow the file to be replaced

STEP 4:  Delete any existing greeting by pressing the Delete button next to Message 1 field

STEP 5:  Once the file is deleted, select Choose File in the Message 1 field and select your new greeting message from your computer

STEP 6:  Click the Blue check mark.

STEP 7:  Press Lines Edit button at the bottom of the form to save your changes.

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