How to Create & Send a Network Share

A Skyer360 Network Share can be used for many actions – Share a Referral & Automatically Transfer a Lead Needing Financing to your Preferred Loan Officer

STEP 1:  Click Contact :: Network Share

STEP 2:  Enter the Client Code of the Skyler360 User to Receive the Network Share

STEP 3:  Click the Add Button

STEP 4:  Check the Information you want to share:  Conversation History and/or Recordings and/or Notes

STEP 5:  Select the Agents who can access and use the Network Share being created (one, multiple or all agents)

STEP 6:  Click the Update Request button

Step 7:  The Network Share will show in the Network List of your Network Shares

Step 8:  When the Skyler360 User the Network Share was sent to Accepts the Network Share, the specific Network Share will show Accepted in the Response Comments


STEP 9:  Click the + button next to the Network Share ID to open the Network Share and see the Leads shared with the Skyler360 User

STEP 10:  The Leads shared via Network Share are shown in the Lead ID Column providing a definitive record of the Leads shared and the date/time the Leads were shared



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