How to Create the Skyler360 Facebook API Integration

Skyler360 can natively receive Leads from your Facebook Ad Manager Lead Forms.

The Skyler360 Facebook API is used for Facebook Ads using AD Manager and Lead Forms ONLY.

The Facebook API CANNOT be used for free Facebook ad postings placed on your Facebook Business Page.

Using your Chrome Browser:

STEP 1:  Follow the menu path:  General :: Integrations

STEP 2:  Click on the Green + button

STEP 3:  Select your Name from the dropdown menu in the Agent window

STEP 4:  Select Facebook Ads from the dropdown menu for the Media window

STEP 5:  Enter your First & Last Name in the Auth Name window

STEP 6:  Enter your Email address in the Auth Email window

STEP 7:  Click the Save button

STEP 8:  Check your email – the Subject of the email is Skyler360 Facebook Activation Link

STEP 9:  Click the Authorization Link





STEP 10: The Skyler360 Facebook API Page will display

STEP 11:  Click the Login with Facebook button

STEP 11:  Click Continue.



STEP 13:  Click on the Facebook Page(s) with Lead Forms you want to link to Skyler360

STEP 14:  Turn on the two Buttons, Manage your Pages & Access Leads for your Pages




STEP 15:  Click OK


STEP 16:  Lead information captured from your Facebook Lead Form(s) will now be transmitted to your Skyler360 account



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