How to Create the Skyler360 – Facebook Bot Integration

Skyler360 can natively communicate with your Facebook Leads using the Facebook Bot on your Facebook Real Estate Business Page(s).

To set up your Skyler360 with your Facebook Bot, follow the following steps:

STEP 1: Click Settings :: General :: FB Bot Configure


STEP 2: Click Login With Facebook


STEP 3: Click Continue


STEP 4: Select one or more of your Facebook Real Estate Business Pages you want to link to Skyler360


STEP 5: Turn on Manage your Pages & Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger


STEP 6: Click Ok

STEP 7: Log in to your Facebook Business Page(s)

STEP 8:  Roll your mouse over (DO NOT click) whatever is showing in the Blue Block of your Business Page (see below)

STEP 9:  Select Edit Button


STEP 10: Click Send Message; then Next


STEP 11: Click Messenger


STEP 12: Click Finish


STEP 13: Your Skyler360 is now linked to the Facebook Bot on your Business Page

STEP 14: Follow STEPS 7-12 to link Skyler360 to the Bot on your additional Facebook Real Estate Business Pages where appropriate

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