Skyler360 Email Integration with Gmail

Agents can use Gmail to send out emails from Skyler360 and also integrate with the Gmail scheduling system. In order to do that, the Agent must first authenticate a Gmail account with Skyler360, and an email will be sent to you.

In order to integrate Agent’s Gmail with Skyler360, follow the steps outlined below:

STEP 1:  Go to the Integration tab by following the Settings dropdown to General and then move over to Integration

STEP 2:  Select the green + to add the Integration

STEP 3:  Fill out the ADD Integrations Form:

a.  Select Agent’s Skyler360 Name from the Agent dropdown menu

b.  Select GMAIL from the Media dropdown menu

c.  Enter the Agent’s First & Last Name in the Auth Name window

d.  Enter the Agent’s Gmail email address in the Auth Email window

e.  Click the SAVE button in the bottom right hand corner




STEP 4:  Check your Gmail inbox or Spam folder for the following email

STEP 5:  Click on the Authorization Link in the email



STEP 6:  Choose the Gmail account that you want to Integrate with Skyler360

STEP 7:  Click the Allow button

STEP 8:  Go back to Skyler360 and refresh the Integrations List page to confirm the Status as Approved

STEP 9:  On the Integrations List page, click the Actions Gear Icon for your Integration

STEP 10:  Select View Integration to see the information entered for the Gmail Integration



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