Using Tabs in the Leads View

In the Leads View of a Lead, there are several Tabs near the top of the screen that show information regarding the Lead:

  • Conversation – Skyler360 Conversational Text History with the Lead
  • Lead Email – Lead Email received or sent by Skyler360 (example: kvCore New Lead email)
  • Lead Voicemails – Lead incoming and outgoing Skyler360 voicemails
  • Lead Notes – Lead Notes entered by Agent

STEP 1:  The Conversation Tab show the Skyler360 text conversations with the Lead

STEP 2:  The Email Tab shows Lead emails received or sent by Skyler360

EXAMPLE:  New Lead email received from kvCORE

STEP 3:  The Recordings Tab shows all inbound and outbound Voice conversations with the Lead

Click the Play Button to listen to the Lead recordings

STEP 4:  The Notes Tab shows the Notes entered by the Agent

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