Using the Skyler360 Mobile App (iPhone & Android)

STEP 1:  Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for Skyler360


STEP 2:  Log in to the Skyler360 App

  • Enter your User Name
  • Enter your Password
  • Enter your Client Code (your Skyler360 Instance Name)


Step 3:  Open the App to see your Lead Alerts

The Sort Order Dropdown can be used to sort the Display of the Leads – New Leads or Updated Leads




STEP 4:  Selecting New Leads will sort the Leads in numerical order as they were received by Skyler360



STEP 5:  Tap on the Lead Number – Name to see the Skyler360 conversational texts with the Lead




STEP 6:  Clicking on the Eye Icon will display detail information about the Lead




STEP 7:  Clicking the Status Skyler Icon displays a window that enables the Agent to Claim the Lead to take the Lead out of the Skyler360 Conversational Flow and enables the Agent to text with the Lead




STEP 8:  Clicking the Info Icon will display this screen which provides the ability to do everything on the Skyler360 App that you do on the desktop computer



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