What’s the Difference between Groups & Labels

Groups & Labels are available to catalog Branch messages, Intents and Alternatives in the Skyler360 Tree and  categorize Leads. Groups & Labels also allow you to maximize your Search abilities

Use Groups and Labels however you wish, but be consistent in how you use each.

EXAMPLE:  To categorize Leads, one idea is to use Labels for the SOURCE of the Lead (Phone Call, Facebook, Google, Zillow, Craigslist, etc.) of the Lead and Groups for the TYPE of Lead (Buyer, Seller, Need Financing, Has Financing, Cash Buyer, Hot Lead, Has Agent, Has No Agent, etc)

EXAMPLE:  To catalog Branches, one idea is to use Labels to designate the ENTRY Points to the Branch conversation (Phone Call, kvCORE, Facebook API, Motivated Seller, Alexa, etc) 


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